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Day 1 of 31 Day Challenge

A fellow teacher/artist and I came up with this plan to hopefully re-instill a drawing habit in our respective lives.  Today, when I wrested my mind from household chores and the work-in-progress in the garden, I decided to take my new sketch board to the patio.  Drawing outdoors with my art pens.  What could be more delightful?

And then, the search for my drawing pads began.  It continued for a span that was dangerous to my fledgling intention to actually sit down and draw.  I opened the garage door and peered among the boxes and made my way to the drawing table.  Nope, just school stuff.  I looked through the armoire in my room where drawing stuff usually resides.

Then I sat down anyway, with some grid paper I found and drew.


Looking forward to Day 2.