Writing Workshop & Teen Writing Institute

Welcome to week 2 at SJSU
Teachers teaching…

teaching Kate teaching Ms Elena teaching ms milner

Student Comments

The Bradbury assignment was fun because it pushed us out of our comfort zone to write in a different format and with lots of literary devices. – Kasey
I enjoyed analyzing the literary devices of a piece.  I would love to them in future works.  – Tal
I was able to learn how to write like “high level” authors.  I implemented new literary devices to emphasize specific sections within a writing piece.- Jacob
I enjoy taking inspiration from other pieces from writers like Ray Bradbury.  Taking his work and running my own way with it taught me more about myself as a writer and as a thinker. – Dana
  • “Camp has been nice and pleasant and very inspirational; creating worlds with Ms. Jayne and screenplays with Ms. King has motivated me to continue writing and pursue a career in literature.”

  • “Camp was a great experience; it gave me a chance to learn about new topics and improve on what I already know.”

  • I really enjoyed creating my very own digital story about my mom, a woman in tech, with Ms. Kate Flowers. Digital storytelling is this insanely creative medium to tell a story and it is interesting to learn about. I also loved learning all about screenwriting with Ms. King. As a class, we even drafted our own screenplay-musical.

teen writers mr. jerry teen writers Ms. Erica

Listening and sharing

teen writers close up teen writers 1 sharing teens sharing applauding

“We have been working on creating characters:  they need a good “back story,” a consistent personality, and a consistent world.  They need to be compelling because we can relate to them.  They should be sympathetic.”   – Lucas
“In Ms. Flowers digital class we worked on adding images, music, and video clips to our non-fiction writing. It was fun.” – Lucas
“In Ms. King’s “writers playground” class we worked on developing conflicts and conflict resolution in stories by playing the “conflict-resolution” game.  One student would create an imaginary conflict and then the next student would have to develop a way that character might push on through the conflict.” – Florence

Writing Around the Campus

GR8 writers on steps
Photo Credit: John Wou

GR 8 fieldtrip 1 GR 8 fieldtrip

Teacher and Peer Feedback

gr 7 writers teaching ms. natalie

Focused Writing Time

writer writer eco novel writer maia

Rest and Refreshment

recess recess2 lunch teachers

Book Promotions and Posters

book promo2 book promotion book promotion1 book promotion3 poster thought prompt

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