The implant my mom had two weeks ago has created a bit of space between her L4 and L5 vertebrae and so the pressure on the nerves stretching down her left thigh is lessened. Her pain has gone from a 9 to a 3 on the 10 scale, most of the time. The first week after the procedure when I brought her coffee in she said, “My thigh hurts, but it isn’t ON FIRE.”

And the better news is that in the next two to three months she should feel better as the nerves began to heal after being compressed for several years.

If she needs it, in three months, then there’s the option to put one more Superion implant – I’m calling them spacers — in at L3-L4, I think.

I have held this intention for over a year, after three different pain doctors and 3 years of ineffectual treatment. My intention, thought during my yoga in the morning, and said aloud at my meditation table was “Relief from pain for D.”

If D. hadn’t gone off her kidney transplant anti-rejection medications, her doctor may not have referred her to another pain specialist. D.’s thinking was, “My kidney has been fine for 10 years, but due to interactions, I’m not allowed to take pain meds that reduce inflammation.”

I knew the new doctor referral was it.

This week D. has daily gone to the end of the block, rested on a wall, and walked back using her 3-wheel “sports cars” as she terms her walker. She walks around the house now without her cane. She isn’t pain free and still takes an opioid, but it is so much more manageable.

The main benefit is that she is mobile. This will bring back muscle strength and allow her to not be so isolated. I know it is a great relief for her. And for me it is a big, huge sigh.

Whewww! Holding my intention for the next three months. But breathing easier.

3 thoughts on “Relief”

  1. I always find the jumble of doctors changing. My dad was careful never to miss an appt, but when he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, I had to wonder had there been one overseer doctor coordinating all the specialists might he still be with us. I am happy there is mobility in her future. That is critical . She is lucky to have you.

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