As I was leaving to take mom to her doctor appointment, I passed our feline who was shading his eyes to sleep better in the midday light.

This pose, besides being endearingly cute on a British Blue, speaks to how I felt today and still feel sitting down to write. I have functioned. Doctor appointment. Groceries. Meeting with co-director. Meeting with writing project team. Dinner. But with one paw over my eyes.

It is as if I have been trying to withdraw into my own space, shielding myself from input. Probably a good night’s sleep will cure it.

Just a sliver today. Perhaps tomorrow, a big juicy slice of life.

One thought on “Today”

  1. Yes! First of all, I love when my cats and when my dog strike this pose — It’s so cute… and second of all – this is how I’ve felt this whole week, but I didn’t articulate it like that until reading your slice!

    I hope you get a good night’s sleep!

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