102 Years old

On St. Patrick’s day my bungalow will be 102. It has been a rescue that ten years of restoration have made fairly comfortable. Old houses, like old folks, do have quirks, however.

When a chopper lumbers over my roof, probably intervening on a freeway mess, the pair of south kitchen windows tremble and then set up a rattle in time with the blades.

The overhead rumbling gets louder and the casements join in the shaking adding to the percussive event. The vibrating reminds me of the quake of ’89.

8 thoughts on “102 Years old”

  1. Were you in the same house in ’89? If so then at least you know it can withstand a little shaking. My house is 119 years old and has had a number of face lifts. When your house is that old its hard to feel like an owner and not a caretaker.

  2. ‘When a chopper lumbers over my roof’ – great bit of imagery. I was wondering at first if it was describing a lumberjack due to your choice of words – was that intentional? Loved it regardless, keep writing!

  3. I lived in a century home for 20 years – we had to do so much renovation – and we still weren’t done when we left! But there is certainly something unique about them

  4. 102! I love old houses (ours is 111), but they do take a special kind of care. I really like that you’ve captured the quirkiness of old homes with the windows and their “percussive event.” It leaves me wondering how I would capture my home’s quirks in one solid example.

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