Cooped up

Both the cat and I are getting that ennui mixed with twitchy behavior that means we want to be out in the yard. As grateful as I am for the generous rains of winter, I keep finding myself at my back window staring out. I get out on the sidewalks for one or two daily walks, but this is not considered playing in the yard.

There are three apricot roses on the tree bush by the fence that are intensely apricot. Really they are persimmon color, or some exotic fruit. Waving in the wind with the old, falling down fence as backdrop makes them look even more brilliant.

Smoky watches for birds in the Chinese Lantern bush by the window and listens for critters, then lets his head drop and he sleeps some more. He still doesn’t understand why he isn’t allowed out, because he tested positive for kitty aids virus.

The yard is lush with grass, which means weeds, since it is designed without lawn. The first daffodils have sprung and gone. The pot of succulents that contains freesia bulbs is getting ready to bloom. Some things are still stark: The flowering cherry bark is shiny with rain water and the buds are turned up to the sky in tight triangles. The multiple blossoms won’t come forth until the next set of deep dark clouds in the east make a background for them to burst open.

I am unaccustomed to spending so much time indoors. Adding two part time projects into my schedule, plus the days and days of chilly drizzle or downpour have made me an indoor cat.

On March 18 my handyman will begin building the catio, which will make Smoky much happier. And then I will find time to tackle the overgrowth, hopefully without overdoing it, and pace about to think about a garden plan.

In the meantime, I look at the sky which is a blank gray blue and I watch the verdant growth taking over.

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