Medical Bureaucracy

As I was reviewing my day for a story to post, I realized my mind was busily composing the letter I must write to give to my mom’s primary care doctor, who then uses it to initiate an appeal of the denial of coverage for a pre-authorized procedure that has already been done. (honestly reader, did that make sense?)

I’m familiar with this grinding history of my 90 year old mother trying to find relief from spinal compression caused by several factors. I’ve thought of several good quotes to pull from various doctor’s progress notes. I can build a case. However, what blogger wants to read a letter to appeal denial of medical coverage? Free advice: As you get older, make sure you can either still write and advocate for yourself, or have a loved one who will do it. It is a thankless task created by the self-expanding bureaucracy of IPA’s and health plan interfaces with Medicare.

Just thinking about it makes me tired.

Truth be told, after cleaning up flood debris and mud yesterday, then staying up late to do laundry for my flood victim daughter, and, after teaching a couple groups, I’m about done. I’m going to issue an authorization to stop thinking about all the things I need to do for the rest of the evening.

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