Teensy Sliver

Out of a full day of SST meetings, preparing for new students and subbing for a kindergarten teacher this morning, the thing that stands out is

[Omigosh there is a ruby throat hummingbird sipping the Japanese lantern flowers right outside my desk window.  In the late evening light the red looked rich and exquisite!]

my desk window view

Um, the thing that stood out was read aloud. After the kindergartners did two rounds of Daily 5 while I assessed a couple students, there wasn’t enough time before brunch to do another rotation.

I scanned the row of inviting books on the white board sill and couldn’t resist picking up a story about a pig and an egg.  This sliver of my day is my recall of how much fun I had getting into the feel of a read aloud, doing character voices, and having the children get swept up in the story too.  The story was funny because all pigs friends are birds — they can fly and lay eggs, and he feels left out a good deal of the time. Pig sees a turnip in the barn and decides to hatch it.  Oddly enough something comes boring out a hole in the turnip….

This book won’t win medals or prizes, but it was great fun to see that the worm who came out made a nest and then hatched as a butterfly.  This time it was Pig’s turn to say to his friends that he had no time because he was busy watching his baby fly.

My sliver, or teensy slice of life today was being caught up in the story for a few minutes with a group of rapt kindergartners. Then we lined up and went to brunch.

One thought on “Teensy Sliver”

  1. One of my favorite parts of the day is when I look over the top of the book at my noisy, squirrely, distracted students and see them all sitting quietly, still and staring at me during read aloud. Heaven!

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