Sudden Spring

It was only 40 degrees (California, the south SF Bay area) this morning, so I layered up with a sweater and jacket over my utility shirt and headed for school.

By morning recess, since I subbed I was on yard duty, I was peeling off the jacket.  Teaching kids how to play Four Square.  Games really aren’t fun if you don’t know the rules.  The sun was drying up any evidence of the recent days of chilly rain we’ve had and kids were running out on the field.  The grass was up to some knees.  And more kids were joining the game, once it was a game.  I love Four Square.

By lunch I had parked my sweater on the back of my chair, too, and went to the staff building to heat up leftovers with sleeves rolled up.  It was 70.  By the time I went home, I put the top down on the Miata and enjoyed a 74 degree late afternoon.

Tomorrow is the official first day of spring and I’m grateful to note there’s a 70% chance of rain — about a quarter of an inch — predicted for San Jose.  I’m not in a hurry for summer heat, and I’m not in a hurry for the change in the students once the sap rises.  Spring is so short in California, sometimes.

When much is going on in my mind, I take the Midwestern default.  Talk about the weather.



3 thoughts on “Sudden Spring”

  1. Oh wow! I had forgotten that tomorrow was the first day of spring. I am in Southern CA and we’ve had a bunch of rain too. I always layer my clothing and I had a coat, a sweater and a scarf that I had to shed today as the day wore on. I love that spring is still a bit chilly and we don’t have to put our sweaters away yet.

  2. I’m from the midwest as well and often default to weather discussions when a conversation lags. I hadn’t considered I could a post about “the weather.” Thanks for sharing. We are expecting sleet on Tuesday and snow on Wednesday in the D.C. area so I may just be composing a rant about the first day of spring and the unseasonably cold weather here.

  3. Oh, how I used to love four square! That was my favorite recess (and gym class) game. Your slice brought me right back to playing it in the fourth grade.

    We’re supposed to get 8-15” of snow tomorrow — on the first day of spring. UGH!

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