Miss My Cat

Slowly the reminders fade.  The sound of the kitchen mats sliding to place my yoga mat on them, while the tea steeps.  I remember a furry friend who loved to stay on the mat while I toed it over to the middle of the floor.  And, who, loving routines, became very adept at knowing where on the yoga mat he could lie under curled paws and when he’d need to move.

I still get a tweaky feeling as I notice I’m watching for the black and white fur as my car approaches the driveway, not only looking out for him, but expecting my welcome.  My house front wears a different expression now.

I thought I’d post a couple photos, only a few of the collection, and write my ode or to whatever memory.

My backyard was mainly concrete and weeds when I moved in.  I repurposed the extra driveway by having it jack-hammered and using the blocks to build a round, raised garden.  The only thing to do with the clay packed dirt was ground cover, to mulch it with “gorilla hair” as they call shredded redwood bark.  It fit because there’s a redwood tree.  (I know, who would plant one downtown in a city?) And it was affordable.  And Mickey found it wonderful bedding.

In several seasons the gorilla hair was breaking down and some tough ornamental grass seed was coming up in places.  I let it grow in clumps because it made Mickey a lair.

Every gardening move was supervised by this watchful cat.  Even when I put a gravel pathway in the front, it had to be tested.


Now my front porch is just a porch, with chairs, a swing and some plants.  It used to be a look out.


I realize writing this that, even when I was viewing the house, Mickey was in every photo, because he followed me around monitoring what I was doing on his turf.  And I realize that as I went through all the repairs and renovations, some of which I hired out and some I did myself, I always had my feline supervisor.

He was good company.

4 thoughts on “Miss My Cat”

  1. i love your memories of Mickey, who is a beautiful cat. I love cats but don’t have one right now because I have two dogs, one very neurotic. Will you get another Mickey? I hope to once again get a cat. Maybe next summer when I can supervise the animal family better.

  2. I’m so sorry about the loss of your friend and “feline supervisor.” I loved your phrase about the porch and how it “… used to be a lookout.” I can tell you really loved him. I understand, too.

    Sadly, we lost our 15 year old golden almost a year ago, and I still miss her. I miss her happy welcome when I came in the door, her listening ear, and her help hanging out the laundry.

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