Writing Club

I brought home a satchel full of writing journals from the “Finding My Voice” club, journals with each writer’s project, somewhat revised.  My task is to keep their syntax as EL students, and type their stories in a nice format with spelling corrected so that I can make an anthology, copied for each of them.  Then, Wednesday we’ll have a read around and comment on each others writing, with a reception.  Nice treats, of course.

We had little time, but I know they’re proud of what they did. They owned those topics that chose them.  Today we brainstormed titles in partnerships and then went round the table.  It was fun.  Some writers are using pseudonyms.

The projects include:

Brother’s Final Cup  (about the competitiveness between author and younger brother)

A Bedtime Story (the night mother told son her immigration experience)

My First Friend (being lonely and excluded until….)

Losing Grandpa  (honoring him)

Elena, My Role Model (death of beloved aunt)

Love That Tom (ode to his dog based on Love the Dog)

Oreo Love (hamster death)

And two more are coming in tomorrow, just under the wire.  My phone bedtime alarm is already reminding me to wind down.  I’ll just say that I’m a big fan of student choice in projects, and they take time.

Writing takes time to develop.  And learning to write, Peter Elbow so elegantly explains, is “a slow, underground process.”





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