SS Admin

I got the last parking space in the garage and walked over to the Federal Building. There were only 3 in line for security check in. I applied for social security online and now need to present my W2 and pay stubs.

Did I make an appointment? No…

From the elevator I walked into a room with rows of plastic chairs and a very serious guard told me to “Get ticket and silence your phone!”

Get a ticket meant go to electronic check in. The options for my reason for a visit did not explicitly include “completing online application by showing documents.” I chose “other” and took a seat. I’m in the R group and they’re not getting called frequently. The J’s get a raspy call over the intercom, many of them.

R918 just got summoned. That’s 10 from me. Hope!

So retirement has a lot of business details and time frames to manage.

The room is filled with a wide variety of people – different ages, ethnicities, but there’s just one white-haired Scot/Irish who is turning 70 tomorrow and who thinks that even the bureaucracy of it all is fascinating.

Just the thought, “I’m retiring!” propels me. And, with a little help from my friends, it will get me through a landmark birthday tomorrow.

Still waiting for another R candidate to get called- R920, as I write.

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