Evening Walk

My usual walk around a section of Naglee Park was near sunset.  Some colors were saturated by the late light.  And I stopped to admire one of the many brand new fire hydrants installed.  Making me wonder two things.  Why weren’t there fire hydrants here already?  And two, did you really mean to paint your entire house that same color?

The Median Buddies keep the traffic controlling medians nice, but I think they should prune the plant in this one on William.  I keep reading it, “Drive Like Your Children…” and I’m wondering if that’s a good thing?

IMG_2188 2

I saw a young father riding his bicycle with a toddler in the child seat:  facing forward and riding in front of Dad.  I think about the child seat I rode my first born around in.  She was behind me, the seat over the back wheel.  I couldn’t see her and she could see little of where we were going.  Nice to see technological improvements.  The man had an orange shirt on with 32 on the back and as the dad and kid pedaled past a lavender Victorian with white gingerbread trim, my visual brain yelped.

A neighbor on the next street over had an artistic arch installed over her sidewalk entrance.  It is sculpted, shiny red metal – very modern and somewhat Japanese feeling and no, I didn’t attempt a photo.  You just have to be there.

Another neighbor’s stucco wall fence is complete, except the new driveway gate.  The top is capped with tiles, and the stucco is clean, clean white.  None of the diesel grunge that sifts through the air since we are surrounded by major freeways on every side has marred the fresh, crisp stucco.


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