After an intense, productive day of student study team meetings and a training on trauma and meeting with my writing intervention group, I have to say, that, of all the stories roiling around in my head, the one that seems to want to be written is my after work walk.


I have the very good fortune of living in a downtown historic neighborhood where, not only are the homes varied and interesting, but the flora is established and in some cases exquisitely tended.

I only made it up to the end of my block before I had to stop and snap a picture of this pert (prim?) and prosaic sign of spring.  It is not a poetic host or crowd, no they are all lined up as if to have their non-candid photo taken.

And I got round the usual several blocks before I remembered my writing partner was coming over after work to deliver a curriculum I need to borrow.  So I walked briskly back.  She’s stuck at work, so I went back out, enjoying the time to unwind after a day of sitting.


That gave me the leisure to smell the fresia in full bloom at a neighbor’s and figure out how to take a snapshot that portrays how many fresia grace their front walkway.  The fragrance cloud is rich and sweet.  I wish I could put the aroma into the blog photo.

Really SST meetings are intense because of the student need and the creative efforts of the team to find best ways to serve.  Mentally demanding.  And then there’s the sitting.

So the most comforting, healing time of today for me has been to walk in my hood on a very mild evening, and pay special attention to the flowers and fresh air.

It seemed a prosaic thing to write about. That was my opinion.  I checked the dictionary and it mainly meant not poetic at one time.  But, ooh, pedestrian and plodding?  Well, I was just walking around.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be uber inspired and imaginative.

adjective: prosaic
  1. having the style or diction of prose; lacking poetic beauty.
    “prosaic language can’t convey the experience”
    synonyms: ordinary, everyday, commonplace, conventional, straightforward, routine, run-of-the-mill, by-the-numbers, workaday; More

    unimaginative, uninspired, uninspiring, matter-of-fact, dull, dry, dreary, tedious, boring, humdrum, mundane, uninvolving, pedestrian, tame, plodding;
    bland, insipid, banal, trite, literal, factual, unpoetic, unemotional, unsentimental
    “a prosaic lecture that had us fighting to stay awake”
    antonyms: interesting, imaginative, inspired


4 thoughts on “Prosiac”

  1. Those are beautiful flowers! I cannot wait for ours to come up–it’s a sure sign of spring in these parts when those lovely yellow friends make their appearance. Thanks for sharing!

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