Where are those words that get to the quiet…

That take the shell of talkative day off

While I putter in the garden?

Where folk amusement lingers…

I dampen the blanket of worm castings over flower seeds

Expecting, waiting for things…


Here fresia got tucked in with succulents…

Everywhere marvel of sunset color saturation

A calm, clean feeling, noticing how alive it all is.




3 thoughts on “Evening”

  1. There’s such beauty in your garden. I enjoy the little bit of gardening I do and I enjoy the peace I find in doing it. Your photographs are beautiful.

  2. This warmed my soul. It’s still winter here and all is dead and cold. Thanks for sharing your lively and beautiful garden with me today. I’m ready for spring.

    1. I’ve lived in the midwest and on the east coast so I empathize with your eagerness for spring…and it keeps me grateful for our Mediterranean weather.

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