Today.  Marvelous.  I have never seen this one before.

I rode the town bike I got myself as a Valentine present across town to the ashram where I like to meditate, chant and listen to a message from a kriya yoga teacher.

The decision to ride instead of drive was prompted partly by the clear sunshine and fresh air that sparkled outside.  Also, I’ve been wanting to do a little local biking again, having let that habit go awhile back when my cafe’ racer was stolen.

I felt excited when I put on my helmet and lifted the town bike off the rack in the garage.  I followed a bike path route that was interesting and had very light traffic, since it was early Sunday.  I will get used to this quickly I think, though I am a bit out of cycling shape.

The peaceful Satsang service ended with a beautiful song by the little choir which made me weep. Outside, I put on my shoes, got a tangelo and cookie from the hospitality table and sat and chatted with a friendly couple before I ventured back home.

I took a different route, trying to use a bike lane to reconnect with the way I came, but, after I pedaled up over the Hwy. 87 overpass and breezed down the hill to Coleman, I realized I’d be going home an entirely new route.  Which was interesting.  Today.  I’ve never seen this one before.


I saw a neighborhood I’d never been in, and pedaled down the wide one way 10th Street with a great bike lane to head home.  This town bike is automatic.  I can shift at a standstill and it has 7 gears.  It feels completely different than my road bike, which is fast and light and touchy to shift, but not so great on torn up, track-lined downtown streets.

After making an uber healthy lunch I ventured out to the back yard where I planted flower seeds among the vegetables I’ve set in the garden.  Bending, breaking up soil, top dressing the seeds with a mix of potting soil and worm castings, then patting them down with the back of a trowel felt so…hopeful.  So springlike.  Expecting beauty.  Today.  I’ve never seen this one before.  And I usually don’t try to get flowers from seeds.

Later, I took a drive with the top down, soaking up more sunshine and fresh air, to visit a plant nursery in Campbell I’ve recently discovered.  I got a replacement lavender plant, and three more delphiniums, making five.

The delphiniums are a Christmas present for one of my bff’s. She gave her friends a day of scrapbook making as a gift.  I gave her a month of having her backyard graced with flowers to look lovely with her outdoor furniture.  She loves blue.  I re-potted the five delphiniums into bigger containers and watered them.  Next I will have to find something artsy to stake them with.  They should be gorgeous in June.

And now, the sun is setting, and it’s time to make something good for dinner.  And return to school teacher mode, after a healing day in nature.  A day unlike any other, like no two snowflakes or fingerprints match.



2 thoughts on “Today”

  1. “Today. I’ve never seen this one before.” Wise words to take into the upcoming week. How grateful we can be when we celebrate the now.

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