Home Stretch

As the March daily Slice of Life Challenge goes, we’re in the home stretch. Running down that last set of white boards, pouring on the speed even though out of breath.  Hoofs flying, kicking up turf and riders one mind with the finish line.

Well, maybe not that dramatic.

The month came in like a lion (as they say) and I was on a writing roll.  If the proverbial “going out like a lamb” means tottering on wobbly legs, that’s how I’m taking the home stretch, as March exits and makes way for poetry month.

This is the first year since I began doing the March challenge that I didn’t stay with posting daily.  This either means that I cannot force myself to write when I am exhausted or that I have a lot of other things on my mind, and on my plate, so to speak.  Both are true.

I have enjoyed reading teacher blogs and giving them comments and kudus.  I have written a couple things this month I’m not totally embarrassed to put my name on.  But some of the writing has been just to “get to the desk.”  It is writing for the sake of writing, like doing exercises, and really doesn’t give blogging a very good name.

The school year is, in some ways, heading into the home stretch.  Third trimester in progress, testing upon us, and all the end of year special activities.  The kids can feel the weather change.  It’s the part of the year when I start trying to work out how to do it better next year.

Whatever happened to Be Here Now?  It’s hard to stay in the moment when there’s much to do and it all wants to be done right away.


The home stretch, when I used to watch race horses, was a glorious drama, with the fans going wild and the heart and stamina of the horses breath-taking beauty.  Now that I’m tangled up in a mixed metaphor, or two, lambs don’t run for the finish line.  They bounce and frolic, not doing any kind of lines.

I was thinking today of self-compassion. Here’s a good place to start.  I didn’t do the challenge up to my standard of daily, edited writing.  I didn’t handle it.  Breathe in.  Shrug shoulders.  Breathe out…it’s okay.

It’s really all right.

This is the next phase for me — not to be the goal attaining Type A person, but the one who can live with her faults and weakness as well as her talents and accomplishments.  Writing matters to me.  I have been writing.  That’s good.

calla lily bunch


2 thoughts on “Home Stretch”

  1. But please consider the quality of the posts you did write. No matter how little or big, if your heart was in the piece you achieved your task. Keep writing! I will keep reading.

  2. LB, writing is writing and I am proud that you did it. Kudos for seeing it through. You are an inspiration to the rest of us!

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