Title, Please.

What to write?  I was on a roll with that daily writing in the March Challenge, until having an extra presentation to prepare knotted up the end of my week last week. I got completely off track with personal writing….

And now the weekend was shortened by giving the writing workshop (which was fun), and then beginning to tackle the grass and weeds in my garden that the heavy rains have prospered.

As I began to stoop and pull, and stand on the three-prong spade to lift the grass clumps, it quickly became apparent that I was about three weeks late on this front.  Grass roots go straight down at first, when the blades are tender, but as soon as it matures and is ready to seed, the roots have grown horizontally, weaving into all the other grass roots. This makes it difficult to get out one plant, and laborious but effective to take out a square foot or more at a time — a big, heavy clump, carrying topsoil with it.

My plan is to compost this massive pile (more than two wheel barrows full) so that the soil gets back the nitrogen and topsoil.  Already, the two heirloom tomatoes are outgrowing their peat pots and need to be in the ground.

Instead of staying with the hard labor of weed digging on Sunday, I celebrated my birthday some more with my sister comrade friend.  I attended her contemplative church service, then we walked downtown Los Gatos and lunched a long time at The Wine Cellar.  It was great to sit outdoors and let our conversations ramble all over the map.

Then we walked the entire town, stopping in stores that appealed to The Birthday Girl, and commenting on merchandise both aesthetically and humorously.

I really had intended to garden some more, before the next rains, after our luncheon, but it was evening before I got home. It was time to sit in mom’s room and chat, and bring in left over shrimp lo mein to munch while we watched weather forecasts.

I want to get my daily writing back.  Should not be any reason I can’t manage that this coming week.  Just get to the desk in the early evening, and try to pay attention during the day to what I might write about.  It is interesting to me how like yoga stretches or exercise this writing habit thing is.  If I don’t do my yoga stretches one day, then the next day when I return to my routine it is more difficult than when I am stretching daily.  And , exercise is like that, too.

If I am writing daily I just seem to have more words at hand and have been thinking more.  It also helps to get to the desk before I am exhausted.

Looking forward to a productive work week, getting those tomatoes into the ground and finding my writing groove again.



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