Mickey was so out of routine this morning during my tea, yoga and meditation routine, that I reluctantly decided to take him to the vet emergency clinic.

Mickey had been meowing, getting up and down and protecting his hind end. He would settle in and meow repeatedly.

He hates car rides so his yowling was understandable. He was pretty good with the assistant but went on full attack mode, ears laid back and hissing when the vet examined hm, feeling carefully along his spine. He told her clearly how mad that made him.

After a few attempts to figure out how to bust out of the exam room, Mickey finally curled up beside me on the bench and snoozed a bit.

When the technician came in she collected one very uptight ball of black and white fur who growled at her cheery, soft words.

I  waited for about an hour for the xray result, glad that at least Mickey got a pain injection.  They brought him back in, with black and white hair shedding by the handfuls.  Poor guy.

The vet went over the pictures explaining that there was nothing scary, but some explanation for his pain.  Mild arthritis in his hips combined with some calcification in the spine right over his hips and at the tail base.  No wonder he was so vicious when the vet checked there.  And no wonder he hasn’t felt like squatting and pooping.

He is stoned.  Didn’t even yowl on the drive home on the freeway.  Mickey has been sitting by his water fountain just watching it since we got home.  Sorry, buddy, but you can’t go outdoors until tomorrow.

Lab culture results take two days.  We have 5 days of pain meds, so we’re good for now.

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