On My Mind


The end of the day items, as I do laundry (yes, it’s an exciting Friday night!) rattle around in my mind.  I have been thinking of rocketry.  I got rocket launch items in recent GATE grant and today I had to figure out what else I needed and how to facilitate not only the building but the launching and recovery of rockets.  And not having anyone injured on my shift.

I have been thinking about gardening, too, as the weather has warmed almost unseasonably.  Late this afternoon I raked nettle from under the honey suckle vines and pulled some grass clumps, but my forked spade is still leaning out by the round raised bed of the main garden.  And the grass and weeds there are promiscuous.

Other miscellany on my mind includes getting some small household improvements done: such as lowering the clothes rod in D’s closet because it hurts her shoulder to reach up to hang up a blouse.  Yes, it must be spring because I’m beginning to think of projects.  I’m like the bear coming out of hibernation, thinking, “Huh?” and blinking in the bright light, and slowly tackling work that’s waited all winter.

I’ve been thinking my novel reading was interrupted.  Tonight I need a chapter or two of Truly, Madly Guilty for my nightcap.

And I’m looking forward to driving over to J’s to paint doors with her in the morning. My new CD set of musique de table, Georg Philipp Telemann performed by the Freiburger Barockorchester arrived in the mail, so I will be able to blast Baroque as I get to the Pete’s coffee line in Capitola before the beach traffic is out on the road.  I like to paint and it will be good to hang out with J.

The other weekend highlight is that I will meet with my writing buddy. Perhaps we will cook up another story with illustrations for kids.  Whatever we decide to work on will be fine.  It’s good to have a writing partner.

And I’ve thought about my birthday briefly, finally in a humorous light this evening when I opened a card from my sister.  She just has a way…I was chuckling before I finished reading it and called her up to continue the parlay.  Next year I will make a super big deal about my birthday, but this year I’m just ducking under the wire.

So, it is with my Friday thoughts.



2 thoughts on “On My Mind”

  1. I love the idea of just emptying those head thoughts right onto the page. If yours were formed that well, you are amazing. The format is terrific. I will be adding it to my inspirations. Did it feel good to let it go?

    1. Yes, the emptying was cathartic – and I was having fun with words while the brain dump was in process. I also had to let go of the prompt to write a story from one little slice of my day. More like a salad of slices.

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