I made an elaborate salad this evening — after cleaning up the kitchen — and I grilled for the first time in the season. Mickey came out to the patio in appreciation, his little thought bubble clearly reading, “I know this.  I approve.”

Alice decided to drive down from the East Bay after work which means in-the-traffic to see D and me.  Both my daughters love their grandmother and have cool friendships with D.  I had gotten so eager about the plan to have Alice take D to a consultation for a pacemaker that somehow I mentally moved the Thursday appointment for next week up to today.

So, we had a late dinner together, with grilled asparagus and pork chops, romaine lettuce salad with goodies like watercress, and a glass of nice Pinot from Uncorked.

Alice was excited to talk about the film on palliative care she’s making for doctors.  D. was just happy for the company since she didn’t get to go out today for the consultation.  For me, having a nice dinner and good conversation made it feel like the weekend.

I love my daughters.  I don’t know if they have any idea how much, really.

Usually, during this March challenge with TwoWritingTeachers, I blog much earlier, but see above:  I was cleaning up the kitchen. And I usually have some time to unravel so that a topic is revealed.  Tonight, it’ll just be a brief account of making dinner and enjoying a visit from one of my two lovely daughters who warm my heart with how much they love their grandmother.  D. never let anyone refer to her as “Grandma,” so there’s no use starting now.

So this is what it is like to try to write when I’m up past my bedtime and haven’t had evening reflection time.  There’s always tomorrow.





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