Funny how getting some teachers and students together to write and learn from each other can be so enlivening. 
That is, after the hard work of planning, coordinating, and communicating is done.

Like Donald Graves said –along with Thomas Newkirk as editor of the historical book on origins of writing workshop — Children Want to Write.

This morning I thought about some of the reasons again why writing matters. Why expression and committing thoughts to paper is important. But that’s been written in books by the giants.

Taking photos and visiting workshops this morning at SJAWP what I felt the most affected by was the way our seminars nurtured teachers and parents. Teacher leaders and new teachers and students were working together in such a warm, collaborative setting. Kids love having the teachers sit in small groups to talk and write with them.

Parents were trying out essays in another room, on their feet choosing sides in an argument, paralleling work their children were doing in their workshop.

Now I’ve stopped in Campbell for lunch, having delivered summer writing flyers to the library. A Parisian sandwich is coming.

Next I will visit Hicklebee’s bookstore to leave more flyers, and enjoy the latest picture books.

There’s a reason “work” is in workshop, and today I am aware of how worth the work it is.

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