Contemplating Badassery

Brave and true!

Empowered Teaching

by Kate Flowers, Denver, CO (in town for Heinemann Fellows Meeting)

My journey to becoming an empowered teacher–which I like to call a badass teacher–is, like most journeys, long and winding. But let me just tell you about one moment that captures the excitement, hope, and fear that teachers feel when they start to own their power.

img_0867Fittingly, this story starts in an airport. And it starts with books. And writing. Three big themes of my life, and, if you are an English teacher like me, you know to pay attention to things that come in threes.

It was November 18, 2015, and after a frantic twenty-four hours involvi
ng writing lesson plans, packing, and preparing for my first ever round table, I readied to board my plane in San Jose.  I was on my way to my first ever Annual Meeting of the National Writing Project and my second…

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