What? Tuesday Again??! Already!

Those writers at Two Writing Teachers set the bar very high with the challenge to post every Tuesday, share the blog link on their Slice of Life Tuesday section and read and comment on at least 4 other teachers’ writing.

I love it.  And yet, here I have become chair-shaped on my seat, having written another section of a grant report due Friday.  My lower back feels arthritic from the sitting.  Guess I did some of that today at school, too.  Really, all I want to do is stretch out with pillows under my reading lamp and fall back into Saramago’s Blindness. 

Ha, ha, ha.  What is really funny is that it is SL-OOO-WLYYYY dawning on me that I missed the Tuesday writing thing.  By gum, it’s Wednesday.  That’s why I rolled the trash and recycling bins out.  That’s why I’m ready to turn in earlier than usual.

Hilarious.  Not even close to the bar…sliding around in the sand, not jumping anything.

So much for super stamina.  I don’t have to write a slice of my life, because a ridiculous blob of it is here, recorded this day.  This day full of new GATE class, scheduling SST’s, and offering tools to teachers.

Maybe.  Just maybe I’ll get it next Tuesday!


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