Slice of Life

I will take a big one, please.  One with figs and almonds.  A big slice of life.

Today is day 30 of Whole30 — a month long discipline of eating only whole, healthy foods and not eating sugar, flour, grains, alcohol, etc.  The result for me has been that I’ve avoided some of those afternoon sugar crashes that are usually accompanied by more sugar.   You know what I do when I am tired in the afternoon?  Just feel tired.

Also, I’ve been out in the early a.m. every day doing a walk/run/walk and have begun to build a bit of stamina.  Mercifully, this process has been under cover of darkness while I try to find my stride, my wind and the strength.  So, I am feeling more fit and enjoying the journey.  A spring in my step I hadn’t felt in awhile.  So the exercise will continue…

It seems that I now have had a bit more inner strength to deal with disconcerting news calmly than I would have had under normal unrestricted, slightly indulgent diet routines.  Definitely I felt the pull on Friday nights to have the numbing sensation of a glass of bubbly.  Mostly I didn’t miss the drinking.

My start of the school has been sweeping, expanse and challenging.  Saturday my idea to have writing workshop for teachers taught with live students in the room worked.  Not only did people show up, they enjoyed it and got some writing done and learned strategies.  Teachers at my school have been wonderful, some facing big challenges, and there have been a few downright awful tantrums thrown.  The latter is not fun, but I’m not taking it personally when people create negativity.

Oh, I was challenged to get my work done this a.m. being the designated principal what with kids having meltdowns and issues, but somehow I managed.  Some Tuesdays it is all quiet on the Western front, and sometimes I remember why I didn’t go into admin.

My Donors Choose items arrived today, a big box with things for building and exploring simply machines, rockets, environmental labs on biodegradability, etc.  These are goodies to launch my GATE class to pique curiosity and observation.  I feel very lucky.  And challenged to figure out how to best put this all to good use in the time span before letters and photos go to my generous donors.

And today after school, I was in a 3 hour introduction to instructional coaching, also attended by my assistant superintendent, which was quite good.  I felt validated being there.  And I’m inspired to do the eight days of training ahead and apply it on my campus.

I get to go to coffee Saturday with L1 where we will likely do some pd planning on our Asilomar session.  My younger daughter is coming down Friday night to dine with mom and me.  These little things are wonderful to look forward to.  I feel glad and peaceful and strong.

I will keep many things of the Whole30 challenge — and probably do it in another month.  I won’t go back to some of my careless habits.  It feels good to feel good.

And my writing cat, Mickey, has sat by my desk under the lamp, napping but listening to the rhythm of the clicking of the keyboard.  It’s good to have a loyal cat.

This is my slice.  I hoped to write a sketch of how it feels to finish a challenge that helped strengthen me.  I know it isn’t polished narrative, more a blurt.  And now, I get to read more of my copy of The Memory of All Things before I turn in.



2 thoughts on “Slice of Life”

  1. Such a busy schedule! I have not tried the Whole 30 but am doing Weight Watchers. I have stopped with the sugar that is abundant at school. I love your items you received from Donors Choose. I have yet to get mine finished to post on Donors Choose.

  2. How beautiful! There is something so delightful in taking care of yourself isn’t there? It energizes us, it makes us feel good in many ways, it cures pains and stress. I am so proud of you LB! Taking care of you makes it possible to handle the plethora of meltdowns.
    Bring me a big slice too! With Oreo cookie crumbles!

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