This Morning

It’s the second day of meetings and trainings at my school district.  It’s also day 2 of Whole 30 for me, a food cleanse.  I was out for my 2 mile walk-with-intermittent-moderate-running mixed in.  As I came up the side street near my house a neighbor was pulling up to intersection in her little blue VW bug.  Laura rolled down the window.

“Are you retired?” she asked. She’s a teacher, too, but at a different school district.  At first I was surprised, then I realized it was the likely explanation for me not being in my car, usually a bit earlier than her.

“Oh! No, I’m on my way to a training this morning.  Kids start next week.”

And we bid each other good luck.  And I was a teensy bit late for that training this morning which is very out of character for me.  I reset my departure time for tomorrow.

Year before last I engaged in the fantasy that I was retired, but was just showing up for my day gig because I value my work life.  “Yeah, how’s that working out for you?” my sarcastic friends and colleagues wanted to know.  I think it helped.  A lot.

Last year I didn’t have a master plan…except survive a new principal and try to have a life.

Well, this school year, as I really am closer to retirement, I think I have the mantra.  It occurred to me a couple weeks ago that

1) I’ll never be young and pretty again

2) nor will I be slim,but

3) I want to be fit.  That much I can do.

I think my tactic with school this year is to not buy into the numbing  and stay fit and alert.  Many of us teachers know the numbing with food, complaining, booze, etc. that we think helps us cope with the sheer exhaustion of teaching.

Yes, I have drawings on my desk and healthy reminders of vacation to prompt me to not obsess over my job.

So I am putting more energy into exercise expecting it to give back.  Wow, if I put my 10 minutes of meditating in there, too, without getting up at 3:00 a.m. I’d be cooking.  So far, except for moments of feeling a bit weak and shaky in the afternoon, I feel great eating whole foods and avoiding the processed flour, sugar, alcohol, etc. that’s on the NO list.  The yes list has so many things I really like.

So, no I’m not retired.  I’m not living like I’m retired.  I am working on fitness.  And showing up for those meetings and contributing where I can.


10 thoughts on “This Morning”

  1. Brave woman searching for survival in the thick of the muck we are about to enter. Focusing on body and mind is always a beautiful thing and harder to maintain when the new year begins and we allow ourselves to be swept up in the drama, confusion, fatigue…The cleanse is a new way of looking at food…after all is said and done, you will feel terrific, full of energy, clear-minded. Much credit for doing it!
    Perimeter shop in the market, and you will maintain the lifestyle of no whites, sweets, alcohol, coffee…
    It is difficult but doable. I hope we all have a good year…mine begins in a week.

    1. “And we allow ourselves to be swept up in the drama, confusion and fatigue…” Well said, Maribeth! We need to make a conscious decision not to do this and instead to sweep ourselves into beauty, joy and health! Here’s to a great school year!

      1. Hi Laura,
        Thanks for checking in. I have not developed an exercise habit that works for me, yet though I think I will be able to start up something more permanent after this month. I am drinking lots and lots of water, which was always a problem and I am continuing to eat healthy. I am doing pretty well about not obsessing about the little unimportant things, but the start of the year it is always hard to find balance. Thanks for the nudge, though because there will never be a perfect time. Therefore, the time to start is now. How’s it going for you?

  2. Laura, you are very pretty and you are much younger in heart than anyone else I know. Being healthy is an added bonus for a perfect soul like you.

  3. Laura, what a coincidence to read your post this morning. I just wrote one about trying to find balance in my life. If you want to read it, here’s the link –

    I, too am trying to develop an exercise routine and maintain healthy eating habits. But just as important will be my focus on not obsessing about the little, unimportant things that happen in schools every day. Thanks for the encouragement. We should buddy up and keep each other going this school year. Good luck!

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