It was actually nice to not know that today was a Tuesday, nor to care that I slept in a bit after binge watching a chunk of season 7 of The Good Wife last night.  I spent way too much time over tea laying out the outer edges of a thousand piece puzzle that sports a cat and a yield sign behind him in repose warning, “I don’t do mornings.”  Putting together a puzzle is a classic pastime for people who can’t think of productive things to do.

I like the idea of bring order into a graphic on my fold down kitchen table top which I know we’ll admire for about a day, then unceremoniously dump back into its box.

I’ve also had time to take unnecessary trips to the hardware store.  I love hardware stores and our downtown OSH remodel sports an exceptionally good garden department.  Yesterday, when it occurred to me there was no reason not to have a lime tree in my yard, since I have a thriving Meyer lemon, I went to OSH and found a keiffer lime, a dwarf.  It has pearl-sized fruits on it and a new blossom opened after I put it in it’s deep hole filled with cactus mix.  The clay and hard pan here has to have amendment or plants simply choke to death in the ground.

Other frivolities have included reading Jane Steele and putting off unpacking all the things I brought back to my garage after last week’s Creative Writing Camp.  I haven’t even read all the feedback.

I have taken another trip to OSH to get matchstick bamboo shades to hand on the front porch as the late afternoon sun makes sitting on the swing out there a bit intense without the screens.

Yes, puttering.  Fixing little things.  Making small improvements.  Picking the robust heritage tomatoes that have begun to ripen.  Having a gin and tonic and playing Take Five with Bananagrams with my bff from highschool and my daughter — both serious word nerds.

These remembrances of recent moments of leisure, of contentment make up the story of my ten days of unstructured summer.  Soon, I will be in the Advanced Institute, and then directing two weeks of Writing Workshop for 4-8, and heading up to Santa Rosa for the 2nd annual Pacific Coast Literacy Institute.  Now that’ll be a real vacation!

My writing group of two, Lorena and I, met at Pete’s this morning so she could recount her Writing Workshop training with TCRWP in San Diego.  Wonderful stuff.  It was L1, as I call her, who reminded me that it’s Tuesday, and that, therefore, we should write.

Love this rest time.



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