Slice of My Life

Dear fellow writers,

I’m going to spend my writing energy tonight on typing up the ten stories my after school writing intervention have started.  We’re the RS Fiction Factory.  These funny, challenging fourth grade kids, whose English proficiency is intermediate, and whose background in writing is sketchy, have created characters who are thinly disguised versions of themselves.

Tonight I will put their scenes in print, using Track Changes in Word, to put in compliments and comments in the margin.  Since we only meet an hour twice a week and time is running out, this is an attempt to speed up their revision beyond what I can do in conferences.

Seeing it in print always makes the audience, the idea of audience more real, too.

So, I will not write about my adventures in gardening, or reading testing, or wine shopping, or writing project planning.  I will be full of these kids’ stories:  a ten year old who likes to go to school, but really lives to play soccer. And an older brother who is a hero to help out his family. There’s Alexia who is smart and popular, but who picks on a little kid and changes her status.  Emma is a white girl who is not very cool.  She’s new and doesn’t want anyone to find out she is adopted.  She has a hard time fitting in with the Latinas.  Sherman is a nice looking kids who wants to join in the games at school but gets left to himself often.  There’s a second grader who talks the bigger kids in the neighborhood into letting him play football in the street with them and breaks his arm.  Then there’s Bella who is a smart 4th grade Mexican girl who acts very brave and boasts a lot, but she is very afraid of insects.

I’ll resume regular slices soon.  I promise myself.




One thought on “Slice of My Life”

  1. Every single one of the stories you mentioned here sounds so intriguing! What great imaginations your students have! This may be the beginning of something big for these kiddos. Good luck to you all!

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