Good things came in pairs today.


At the dentist after school, my upper gums healed of the bone disease by a miraculous injection of antibiotics a month ago and my new crown is doing well.  On the way out I found out my dental plan paid the entire bill and my balance was $zero.

At school after school, I began planning 12 sessions of EL writing intervention for the next two months of Wednesdays and Thursdays.  I love that the principal got approval and trusts me to plan it.

During the final reading group two kids stood me up by not coming in during P.E. so I got to get caught up on putting away books and taking out books for two units.

My morning reading group with grade one that was so miserable yesterday was picture perfect today.  It was fun instead of giving me a headache.  Learning and practice.  The group that I was leading before recess got turned over to the school secretary while I went to another class as designated principal to see a student throwing things.  The fun part was that my secretary friend had so much fun with the reading group.  She deserves it!  Two great groups this morning.

I started cartoons with two boys depicting the six steps of showing best work on multiple choice answers.  They both got into it.  It is the first time they’ve approached test taking this way.  I finished those cartoons with another morning group today and they are ready to collaborate on some practice problems.

I woke up twice this morning.  Once at 5:15.  I thought I hit the snooze button.  I slept some more and my cat came in and jumped up on the bed.  A thought crept in my mind as I rested.  “What if you turned your alarm off and not on snooze?”  I looked.  Yep.  I’d gotten an extra 40 minutes of sleep this morning, so I tootled off to work without going out on the exercycle.



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