When I Don’t Want to Write…

Slice of Life #9

I was in two intense long meetings after school, then braved the traffic across the valley to put summer writing camp flyers out in two libraries.  I heated up supper and just couldn’t go work on tomorrow’s lesson for after school.
So, the best thing to do is to put on Season 3 Episode 15 of The Good Wife and rest.  I usually would push, push, push.  But, like Will in this episode, I’m taking a break.

I’m being sociable and hanging out with Mom, whose cold and cough has gotten horrible.  So the best I can do is admit it.  I am not going to press into the work on my desk.

This was hump day.  I am not feeling the slide into the second part of the week.  This is not writing, really.  It is just writing down why I am not really writing.



2 thoughts on “When I Don’t Want to Write…”

  1. Your last paragraph reminds me of all the times in high school when we were assigned a prompt to write about in our daily journal as morning work… 8 times out of 10 my response was details about why I didn’t want to answer the question in the prompt. Not really responding….just responding about why I didn’t want to respond!

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