Upbeat End of Week

Slice of Life #4

calla lily bunch

A small front has stayed so the rain has started up.  More tomorrow.  It is a relief from the unseasonably hot days.  Blue gray clouds and drizzle soften everything.  It feels so good to get home early enough to see daylight, change into sweats and blog at my little desk, with large black and white cat sleeping by the laptop.

There were some rough moments during this week and a couple out and out bad days.  Like storm fronts coming in off the coast, one issue after another filled Wednesday and Thursday.  Today, for some reason, (and it wasn’t because I was well-rested and perky), groups flowed, reports got done, and a couple kids I’ve been worrying about gave me really good reading records.

What was different?  I guess I shouldn’t analyze good news.  I had good rapport with challenging kids.  I had a good meeting about ELD with my principal.  I supported a teacher who needs a team and a back up plan for situation with a kid.  I let my kinder buddies and first graders draw after they did their re-reading and we shared.

After school I was printing out more prep for one of the Fountas & Pinnell levels  and a teacher asked if I was stressed when I walked by her room.  (open pod).

“Me?  No, I am tired.  Tired, yes, but not stressed.  Thanks for asking.”  And with that realization, having answered a her honestly, I decided to pack it up and go home.

My trusty cat now sleeps beside my laptop, taking up the rest of the top of the small writing desk.  And the light is graying down, but I can see lantern flowers and water droplets on cherry buds out my window.  Two tiny gray birds flew right up to my window to get nectar from the lantern flowers.  There’s a fluty wobbly sound because rain is starting to come down the corner gutter. The evening is arriving gently.  T.S. Eliot said, “the afternoon sleeps so peacefully…” in Love Song of J Alfred Prufock.

And soon I will watch quite a few episodes of The Good Wife, with a flute of champagne and my fuzzy blanket.  It’s been a week.  Ended on a good note.





3 thoughts on “Upbeat End of Week”

  1. oh this is so sweet to read. First of all, I miss the cat that I had that slept on my lap top and then your reflections on the little bits and pieces and how they knit together to make your week. I hear your voice and it is genuine and true. Have a good weekend.

  2. I feel your exhaustion in this post, Laura. Mostly, because I share it with you. Two late nights of parent teacher conferences, late night grad classes, students of whom I am worried about at this point in the year, and honestly? we don’t take very good care of ourselves when we have weeks like this. Make sure you are a tender loving wife to yourself tonight and this weekend and send some of that hot weather to Minnesota, please. 🙂

  3. There’s a great flow to this piece from the busy week to the easing into relaxation as the weekend arrives. I enjoyed how you highlighted this by ended your piece with the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Always there, but not always noticed in our busy lives.

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