Designer Virus

I was just going to let my cough syrup and chicken soup lull me off to early sleep, and have Lorena’s excellent post count as my Tuesday writing.  (Well, I wrote a long comment on it this morning…)  However, my OLW for this year is write.

I have been in and out of dizziness and fatigue, like the sun and cloud exchanges today, which I dully noticed out my bedroom windows.  I did a bit of program writing, meaning grant reporting suddenly due three days early.  And recruitment for interns in student summer writing programs.  Expository stuff which is not my favorite.

But mostly life is a brain fog right now as it has been for going on six days now.  The effort of thinking just wears me out.  My only exercise is moving my fingers on the keyboard.

Speaking of bored, I am.  I don’t think I’m over this designer flu virus, but I’ll probably get up and go to school in the morning, just to be present.  I don’t want my reading groups to forget who I am and what we started.  If I can’t cut it, I can leave midday.

I miss my energy.  I wish it would call or at least text me.

morning sky 2

I just thought of a slice of life I could write, moments with an SDC student named Solomon.  It’s a good story.  I’ll let this note remind me to write that exchange, soon.



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