Whiter Wabbit

One of my best friends lives in Florida, travels worldwide, and comes to California about twice a year.  When we get together it’s Bunny Time, since we share that nickname from birth and dearly enjoy our company. When Joy left me two porcelain bunnies on my windowsill as a house gift, we started the bunny themed gifts when we see each other.


My first impression of this journal she gave me on New Year’s was “Writer Rabbit!” He looked like a journalist…but then, he’s sitting on a turn table.  Rotating at 33 rpms? Joy says. “He ‘s kind of intellectual, but really hip.” Then she laughs.

What an odd picture.  I suspect he’s parked here as a challenge– “Will I write experimentally?” I wondered.  As I ruminated forward on New Years, thinking of ways I might improve my use of time, I began to see the rabbit more like an art director.  I wrote to the effect that it’s my year to be more engaged, to take more leadership as the designer, as the artist, rather than merely the worker bee doer of things that need to be done.

So, today, my journal reappeared, emerging with a pile of books I was sorting.  That odd lappin looking at me.  And I realized this strange metaphor elicited a truth.

This weekend I was privileged to be in a day long gathering of teacher leaders with Thomas Newkirk.  I took photos at the advanced institute reunion.

I took many, many photos and curated them.  A large percentage were blurry from teachers talking with their hands…and me not getting the shutter speed fast enough for the waning light in the living room. However, I wrote a bit to put the pictures together to share with the participants.

I wrote worried.  I worried it wouldn’t come together, or wouldn’t represent the conversations and the tone of what we’d experienced.

The rabbit, I realize, is a photo essayist.

I posted my photo essay and sent the link, which was shared to more people. It felt good to realize that, yes, I’d said something to others about what a fine time we had at the advanced institute and captured a bit of the conversation.  (Here’s the link:)





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