Two Step

Mom and I at Bodega BayIt’s almost Tuesday, and since I will be in SF for Lucy Calkins’ UOS in Reading for the Common Core –driving up super  early in the morning, I’m posting this moment from last evening.

Dolores has made it a habit as we decide to retire to our rooms to ask me if it will disturb me if she watches TV (in her room) for a little while.  If you live with elderly people, one thing you notice is that they say things — sometimes the same things every day — but it is entirely new and fresh for them.  Several times recently,  in my overly hectic work weeks, I have answered, “No, I’ve told you Mom.  The TV is fine as long as you close your door. ”  And she explains that she doesn’t want to disturb me.  And I’m a bit bothered because she doesn’t remember.

I decided I got the lesson.  So, when, last night, after we had a simple supper followed by a little square of chocolate, I was ready to go lie down and read, she posed the same question.

We were standing in the dining room, and I listened to her.  Then I said, gently with a voice that had just thought of the answer, “That will be fine, Mom.  You watching TV will not disturb me.”

She looked happy and nodded.  So I added, “And if your TV does bother me, how about I come stomping in your room and yell at you?”

That cracked her up.  She practically fell on my shoulder laughing and hugged me, “You’re such a great daughter.”  We both laughed.

The moral of the story:  Never tell an 86 year old “I already told you.”

2 thoughts on “Two Step”

  1. Everything about this is glorious! I love the way you introduce the setting – nothing out of the ordinary, just a typical day and then how you gently describe this annoyance of being asked the same thing each day. The ending cracked me up so much that I most likely looked like you in the picture!
    Then that tender moment when your mom said you are a great daughter – Oh Laura! That just struck a chord in my heart. These are definitely the moments to write and share. Nothing huge, just simple touching moments…

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