Friday night…

At Asilomar I realized that I could voice post on my phone.

It was a pretty terrible piece of writing, so I deleted it.  I’m “updating” the post — i.e. revising and rewriting it on Friday night.  My topic is what it is like to plan and write with my pd partner in crime.

I am here!! Finally! I love how you made this fun and it is engaging even on paper…(sort of paper…)  Aw, thanks!  There you are!

L2 has the outline and L1 has got the inspiration:

12:00    The LSquared project.  A brief history. Told through pictures — brilliant idea!

Yes, it would be like this:

  1. picture of beautiful sky from The Garage  right!   & your pic of your notebook
  2. Me and you at Crema – it’s on inspiringteacherstowrite…
  3. pics from Asilomar…? Yes!

Okay – I’ll go get these pics and park them in the PPT.

And the googledoc agenda gets longer and more developed with various colored comments:

Laura, we will be shifting back and forth from the blog to PPT?  yes…we’d have to in a few places…just open tabs…Ok, I trust you as you are a pro, technology and I don’t get along, especially in presentation mode…

I just HATE googleslides.  so lame.

I agree, do the PPT as a regular one

You can keep them laughing while I fiddle with buttons – Genius Idea!

Well.  We have an agenda so we’re done.  right? AGREE!!

Here’s a thought.  What if you came over at 8 and we sat at my table and reviewed presentation, then drove over??

That sounds awesome!

Okay.  Deal.


I’m doing laundry so I don’t have to go to Seminar in dish towels.

Oh, but it would be much more interesting if you did… I bet we would be REALLY engaging!

Interesting is not the right word, m’dear…

Interesting fits the bill…HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Okay, okay, settle down.  We’ve got homework to do, ya know.  🙂

You started by mentioning the dish towels…I can’t stop laughing now…

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