Slice of Life

At first, years back when I’d read Two Writing Teacher’s blog, and had seen FB posts inviting people to do the slicing Tuesdays, I was put off by the term SOL, slice of life. I wouldn’t even read the details about what and how.  However, I loved the writing teacher work they were posting. Then came the March Challenge.

That’s when I got over my dislike of the term “slicing.” Sort of.

Well, the Urban Dictionary offers this post:  “The best and worst of life, conveniently sliced and packaged in the form of books, television, theater or cinema for your viewing pleasure.  Things that are “slice of life” are generally emotion provoking, insightful, moving, but also realistic.”

Maybe I don’t feel that a small moment from my day qualifies as a slice of my life.  Maybe I just don’t like the chef knife imagery.  Re-reading the Urban Dictionary take, I can definitely say that not much of my average Tuesday is emotion-provoking, or moving.  In fact, in all the realism I am challenged to find insight. And writing something so “packaged” doesn’t feel convenient.

When my mind is reeling from the fullness of work, the two presentations plus the groups I taught, and I’ve finally settled down to my writing desk, I mostly want to squeeze today out of my brain.  Going back into the small moments searching for a significant story makes my head hurt.

It would feel more honest and real, although not emotive or provocative, to say that I like the way the lamplight fall on my black and white cat’s back as he sits by the old Corona typewriter.  I am comforted by the clicking sound of my nails on the keyboard of the Mac and the softer sounds wafting in my open window.  I like how quiet the evening is getting.  How settled.

This is my moment.  Drawn back to my desk by the Tuesday slicing challenge, my blog giving me an excuse to write.  I look forward to reading some posts and empathizing with teachers who are writing.  I have my little spot here.  The day is receding very quickly into my memory.

Soon I’ll be sprawled out on the bed with my Kindle, back into The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.

One thought on “Slice of Life”

  1. How is it that this seems to happen every day? “The day is receding very quickly into my memory.” One great thing about slicing (now I have the knife image too!) is that it forces us to remember what would otherwise slip away.

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