Spare the Air

Back in midsummer when San Jose, CA experienced so many consecutive ¨spare-the-air¨ days, I was going to start my own Air Tasting Tours.  You know, experience the earthy overtones of South SJ, the metallic finish with a high tannin of Silicon Valley, a robust blend of pepper and diesel downtown, and, perhaps, try the subtle results of thermal inversion in stylish Willow Glen.

But today, day after Labor Day, we not only spared the air, but felt it heat up to 102 degrees. The plan is the same for the rest of the week.  Usually there’s a heatwave after school starts, but that ordinarily is the mid to high nineties.  There is a biting, soak-into-your-bones kind of heat in 102 that is different than 95.

So, I stopped at Costco on the way home from school to pick up salad kits to avoid cooking.  The parking lot, blocked by drivers trying to get to the gasoline pumps, was such a madhouse I thought perhaps the price of gas must be going up by three dollars a gallon tomorrow morning and I didn’t get the memo.

The lack of tolerance for all this at bottom is that I awoke to the start of a head cold that won’t quit.  So, while I finished testing students I went into that histamine fog that tries to put you body out while it resists the microbes.  Except I was at work and needed to stay awake.

I finished testing students, posted a schedule for groups and wrote a letter to parents…and made it through our staff meeting.  I’ve eaten my salad and am in bed at 6 o’clock this evening.  Resting.  Hopefully recuperating.

Will sleep as soon as it is humanly possible, then wake up in the middle of the night when I can open the house up.  It should cool down a bit during the night.

But tomorrow, another spare the air day coming up.

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