Working back from the glass of cava with Karen after our evening walk.  Her news is that she’s met someone in the neighborhood to date.  Looks very good on her.  Have to say I like her style avoiding the online stuff and dating a total stranger. Nice and easy works.

Before that I had a nice, easy supper with Dolores – soft tacos centered around flax corn tortillas that were very healthy.  And we sat out on the porch and I read aloud the introduction to Being Mortal, by Atul Guwandi.  Such a fine writer and a good subject for us to share the book.

Before that I got ladders and tarp into the room we now refer to as the spa, where the proper walk-in tub will be installed after it is fabricated at the factory.  I began opening up the cracks in the ceiling and wall plaster.  Odd that to fix cracks you open them up first before you fill, but that’s what works.  I’ve decided to continue the kitchen color scheme into the spa, which is Mint Condition green walls, white trim and a darker ceiling based on a piece of green pottery I like.  I remember how much I enjoy painting, although of course the biggest part is the prep.

Before that I made quinoa black bean salad for my school lunches…and started a crock pot of beans to BBQ.  Which I’d better check up on before I sleep.

Before that I had a healthy lunch after coming home from getting my hair colored.  A bit darker than usual but it looks nice and will last for a month without looking washed out. Rookie move, though, to have a 9:30 a.m. appointment because I missed the Baroque Hour on KDFC.  My favorite programming of the week.

And before that I was having tea on the patio, watering a few plants and I rode my cycle and did arm exercises.

Before that I awoke refreshed before the alarm went off.

2014-03-22 13.20.19

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