Ramping Up

Today was TGIF yet not so meaningful since we only did three short days.  Wait till next week.  Then we teachers will praise Labor Day weekend.

However, I can feel the workload building and the mental tension trying to creep in.  It takes mindful putting off of the sense that I have too much to do now in the time periods directly in front of me.  Eight days to 1:1 test all 43 students, which will be fine if there are no interruptions.  Whoever heard of such a condition?  So the groups will be made up and start the day after the three day weekend and I am wondering when I’m going to do the prep for them.

And my GATE letter goes out inviting parents to drop in at Back to School Night and learn about our Wednesday Workshops for GATE in which we’ll begin with an environmental PBL on our campus, then go into personal learning projects.

These are just the signs of things about to get super busy.  I carry a large caseload for LLI, much more than recommended, but we have so much need that I fill the time in the day.

So, the idea as the workload ramps up is to keep breathing and just carry on, without getting knickers in a twist about how much is actually being demanded each day.

And coming home is a sanctuary.

I need to add that the opening of school and the unfolding of classes and activities has been so much smoother than, say, last year.  We were unpacking stuff from containers.  Things were missing.  Rooms weren’t finished.  Cabinets and things we expected didn’t exist.

There’s the tone set by our new leader, too, who is kind and positive and definitely having to figure out his job as he goes along. He loves the kids and is very sympathetic with the staff as we handle issues.

So, here’s to Friday.  Feeling fine.  Not flattened.  But knowing the next several weeks will be uphill. Should do some serious recharging this weekend.


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