I put the Momentum app on my phone to check off and create a “chain” of habit for three daily things:  meditate, cycle, write.  This morning was a return to meditation.  I think the reason my morning ritual was broken was that the dressing room where I had a rug, a little table, and candle became the scene of a walk-in tub installation.  A project that went on and on as it became clear that the used tub I bought was missing things.  Finally, it was abandoned and I await a new model being factory fabricated and costing ten times as much as the one I risked installing.

So, the meditation setting went away and I seem to need a place for things.  Putting the stationary cycle out in the back yard, by the garage under the redwood has made it appealing to pedal while in the early morning while it’s still cool. I look forward to it every morning, with my tea in hand.

Meditating was interesting. I felt the calm relaxation reappear, like a welcome old friend.  There must be residual ability stored from meditating for 8 months, before the room renovation.  I’m back.  I remember how good this is for me especially during the school year.

And the writing desk is the place for blogging and composing.  I should be writing the story for media of what was so great or compelling or interesting about the family literacy grant work last year.  But, that requires much more of me than mulling over the momentum of my chosen habits to nurture.  More mulling needed.

It is good to be back at school.  The staff is cheerful ~ of course well-rested, and we like our new principal.  He is setting a great tone.  Tomorrow the excited children show up and the year gets rolling.  I am looking forward to intervening in their reading and writing lives, not being on such a steep learning curve for a change.

I intend to keep my momentum of radical self-care going:  meditate, cycle, write.  In any order, but daily.  That means not waiting for the tired end of a busy Tuesday to get to the blog.

4 thoughts on “Momentum”

  1. Lately, I have also waited until late Tuesday night to blog and I know what you mean about not waiting until then to write. I definitely need to prioritize my writing time more, as well as exercise and I love your idea of creating a “chain of habit.” Thank you for inspiring me:)

  2. I hadn’t thought about trying the momentum app to help, but I think I’ll check it out. Sounds like you’re off to a good start. I hope your first day was great!

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