Lunch at My Desk

Leftover pizza and some prep to do, so I’m lunching at my relatively clean, almost clear desk.  What survived last Thursday’s sweep into the recycle bin?  There’s one neat pile of writing pads on the top left corner, with color print “Positive Office Referrals” sitting atop, waiting for me to “graduate” a few more students from leveled literacy groups.  And there’s a note from a teacher in Gilroy who was in my writing demo a few weeks back.  She wants to use writing workshop with RSP and wants to come watch me teach. She’s on for Wednesday.

To the left of my laptop is a tin with a bit of pineapple upside down cake my neighbor brought over yesterday.

On the top right corner, there’s a metal Boston pencil sharpener that was screwed onto the wood desk who know how many years ago, but it still works.  Next to it is a big chunk of silicon, all sharp and shiny.  A mesh basket holds pencils, several purple pens, some large feathers, including a peacock tailfeather, scissors, markers, a paint brush.  In front of the pencil basket sits a “Welcome” rock with a butterfly and daisies in relief that are painted green and white.  I guess it’s clay, then, not a real rock.  I think I got it from a secret pal.

To my right, there’s a pile of book marks from Calkins’ UOS for Reading, with “Prompts to Help Yourself Grow Ideas” on top of the stack.  And a pink eraser, a glue stick and a pile of cutout picture cards, with a motorcycle on top.  Then there’s my leftover slice of pizza on a paper plate.  Lurking behind my view with the laptop screen open, is a gift mug from our secretary.  It is a collection of famous first lines from literature.  I can see “A screaming comes across the sky.”

To the far right there’s an extension to my wooden desk, which is a student desk pushed up against the side.  It contains a clipboard and the English version of the flyer for “Celebrate Into Summer” — our final family literacy event.  And an almost used sticker sheet with “Pawty” and dog prints and cute puppies.  And, lurking under my print gift bag I use for lunches, is the testing schedule.  Practice tests and SBACC will consume a great deal of my LLI time.

On the wall in front of my desk, there’s a big poster on silver paper where I glued down the cutout drawings my fifth graders did on one of our end of the year walks to the local airport.  I love small planes and their drawings had the quality of Cars.

There’s a green triangle from the pod hallway Christmas tree display.  Mine says Love, Joy, Peace and has sequins glued around the edge.  Up high on the wall hangs my masters cap with tassel and a penant from National Hispanic University, which is in the process of closing down.  My masters was in math problem solving.  Underneath the cap is a big color calendar from my realtor team showing off Holland tulips for March.  And a reprint of an early black and white of the original school in our district.  it was a one room cabin with two windows and a door.  It is parked on rocks, because a team of oxen would move it when the population shifted in the dairy orchards.  Yep, the first portable.

Under the historic photo is a photocopy of beaks and feet, from a bird tour of the Elkhorn Slough where i took Mom. There’s no bird watching without getting the beaks and feet thing.

Tacked under that guide is the original color header/footer letter we sent to K-3 parents of EL students back on August 22nd inviting them to an informational meeting about Valle Vista Family Literacy – the grant work we did this year.  And it almost disappears for me, but there’s a note tacked up for the Santa Clara County Reading Council’s Young Author’s Faire.  Drives me nuts that they insist on spelling it Faire.

Slightly to the right, past a big concrete post in the wall, there’s a hanging file.  Over it is tacked my Certificate of Completion for last summer’s Advanced Institute with SJAWP and a certificate of appreciation presented to Laura Brown.  It is a letter composed by my principal and secretary.  The print is fine from here, but it says nice things about what I do.

Now, the paper plate is left just with a smudge of orangish grease.  Time to prep for those groups I’m meeting with this afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Lunch at My Desk”

  1. Sounds like a cool desk and classroom. I’m ready to get pizza when my check comes in–now more than ever. You got a degree from the Nat’l Hispanic University that is closing down? Condolences. One day, I’ll have to share my cognates research in bilingual academic vocabulary with you.

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