Mickey Miao

IMG_0008Faithful watch cat wanted to follow us to the Garage earlier this evening, a bistro two blocks away.  I had to put him back in though the front door and set out the tuna water tea while we made our get away.

Now, Mickey is curled up beside me on the bed where I write propped on pillows.  His company is restful to me.  He slept by my pillow almost all night last night, which was unusual because he’s been outside so much with the warming weather.  Slept after I got up and administered ear mite drops to alleviate the ear twitching and scratching.  It’s nice to have a cat who enjoys human company.  He picked out a lap among the women at book club the other night and climbed up and slept through our entire discussion of books we’d read and want to read.

Now he will do a thorough toilette, smoothing every hair and cleaning his toes.  And finally he will, after glancing at my fingers clicking on the keyboard, tuck his head down over his hind legs and let his ears monitor the house sounds while he settles into sleep.  Very quieting to me to have the cat sleep and the house silent.  The sky has darkened, the flowers are soft and there’s nothing that must be done.  It would be nice to open my Kindle and read awhile.  Maybe.

So the sweet potato fries from the grill at The Garage, and the fact that it is a school night, make me feel soporific.

Good to hang out with the Mickster this evening, following his meditative style.

4 thoughts on “Mickey Miao”

  1. Wow this brings me back to the days 15 years ago when I had a cat. I’ve almost forgotten their zen-ness. Great, descriptive post. Really, very in tune with your Mickey.

  2. I love how well you develop the complex personality of your cat. A follower, a snuggler, and inviter, a contemplative. He sounds like great company, your Mickster.

  3. I have allergies to cats, but from what I know about them they usually don’t appreciate human company. Sounds like Mickey is like a sidekick. He sounds like a wonderful companion!

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