Stream of Unconsciousness

The Downtown Women’s Book Club met at my house last night so it was a bit late for a school night when I hit the hay, resisting the temptation to read more of All the Light We Cannot See. 

When the 5:15 alarm went off I stalled until 5:30 and then made tea, dodging the cat in the kitchen.  I did my basic yoga and meditated, but my mental field was getting cluttered then cleared with the joy of deep breathing, then littered back up like a tide bringing in debris.

I packed off to school at 7 am, only 10 minutes off schedule which meant more traffic.  My first class was finishing a novel and discussing prejudice and the character’s life lesson.  Then the next group and the next and the next.  I felt sleepy by the afternoon group, but we made it.

After school the ELD writing club made their book cover art and some pieces are still strewn on the horseshoe table because all the edge gluing wasn’t done.

I set off for SJSU for the Writing Project site governance meeting, still 10 minutes late.  The fun part of being next to last in the door was that they had a cake and flowers — really elegant flowers and a cake from Whole Foods — for me.  My friends were still passing around the card.

Awww!  Stretching out this birthday thing.  I was surprised!  And it was fun.

But the meeting went a bit overtime since we ate cake and visited before taking a bite out of the agenda.  So I roll home at 7 pm.  I whip up the dinner and my mom dawdles over making salad.  I just want lettuce.

Then, I answer my daughter’s text and requests.  Finally, I try lying down a few minutes while I restart the computer because it has an electronic trail on the keyboard from being hooked up to the projector this afternoon.

All the electronic trails on my brain begin to subside, too.  So I finally get to write and comment on fellow blogger’s writing.  And you know what?  This is why I’m not composing anything this evening.  Just a chronicle of one long Monday.


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