Double Delight

The front yard is decked out floral for the first day of spring.  The two Double Delight rose bushes are flowering, the white wisteria is draped with clusters of blossoms, the succulents are waving orange fronds, the nasturtiums are bright coral under the green round leaves, and the row of calla lilies under the front window are making white stand up trumpets.  Double delight Double Delight 1

Yes, it is superfluous rendundacy (a high school girl friend and I used to say that and laugh…) to post two photos of two Double Delight roses.  The way they be together, their graceful pairing, each glorious, but twice as lovely with two in the crystal vase, just struck my view this evening.

And the first day of spring is an auspicious time.  A time to pay attention to intentions, and to be watchful of what you wish for.

I wish for more creative expression.

3 thoughts on “Double Delight”

  1. “superfluous rendundacy” should be said as often as possible. Period.
    Those photos are gorgeous! As are the color wording you splashed in. Fantastic slice.

  2. Great looking flowers. “Superfluous redundancy” is a cute term. One of my favorite two-word labels is “pedantic obscurantist” I’ve been known to stick artificial flowers in empty bottles or giant beer cans weighted down with rice. Also, I’ll trim branches from the apartment atrium plants and stick them in cans or bottles with water.

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