Extending the birthday…

I went out to the Italian restaurant my best girl friend and I call our Club for a birthday dinner with K.  We had much to catch up on.  And the manager picked out wine for us, Bonny Doone Le Cigare Volant, which was unusual and I thought sophisticated.

But the romp of topics we needed to talk about, from writing to relationships and all over the education map, as well as stories about toxic relationship removal and books we are reading…just that gambut of laughter and easy conversation that is accented by good salads and great house made pasta.

And my gift is a little dream jar.  So perfect.  I just know something is up.  I will be doing something more aligned to my gifts soon.

And, it is a school night, so this is a short post.

2 thoughts on “Extending the birthday…”

  1. Glad you had a birthday outing this week too. Love your expressions: “all over the education map,” and “toxic relationship removal.” Don’t get me started on the latter…lol

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