Craffunchity sounds in my mind

I may have been teaching reading intervention too long.  I articulate sounds and words to the nth degree.  I notice this afternoon and evening that there are these phonemes, half-word and half phrases of


clunking around in my thoughts.  Like the very act of thinking was squeezing sounds out of my synapses.  Strange.

I grilled mahi-mahi, another musical word arrangement, and Mom and I made fish tacos.  Then I began my first internet lesson in what will probably become a dissertation on the walk-in bathtub.

Just reading the consumer reviews and rafts of 3D measurements wigged me out, but I only persisted awhile since it is my first class.  And, after an hour I found the one I like.  Guessing it is the most expensive, but at least it doesn’t look bad.

Some of the contraptions are unimaginably functional and that means ugly.  In my dressing room, with it’s ash floors, plaster walls and three wood windows looking out on the backyard, many of the models would look as if an alien fleet left behind their icecream maker, or look as if a Home Depot display of various bathing options had melted into one unit.  Or that in the year 2060 people will actually be kept in plastic modules, only to be released for certain periods of physical activity and required face time at jobs.

Well, yippee.  Good timing to get a tax refund.

But this brain thing.  This sounds turned loose, playing around with words, or more with the feeling right before words.  Interesting.  Maybe I should write some really bad poetry?


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