After School

There were many moments from Monday’s workday, but none calling “pick me! pick me” to write.  I think the moment today was arriving home, after teaching ELD writing group after school, and taking myself in to change into play clothes.

Then, smoothly, without distraction, I took myself out on the downtown neighborhood sidewalks to learn how to walk daily again.  With so many weeks of flu, I had lost the habit of going out for my walk.

As I headed around the corner, in comfy sweat pants and hoodie sweatshirt,  a bit of breeze stirred.  We’re working on that chance of rain tonight and the weather change felt good.  I felt so free to not be handling any household items or follow up on work.  Just walking.

Air.  Good to be out moving in it and breathing.  Walking.  Natural exercise.

I decided to check in with Karen on 14th as we often walk together and I haven’t seen her in a long while.  She was exhausted and grading one final paper, so was glad to be pulled out for a slow, small walk.  Which is what I was up for, just getting back into it.

We routed our walk by our friend Anna’s house to check out the new paint job.  It is a two story farm Victorian Craftsmam style which now is sporting a red onion paint with cream color window trim.  Very nice.  And, as a treat, Anna was coming home on her bicycle, dressed to match her house colors perfectly.

So a tromp around part of the hood felt very good.  And Karen and I caught up on news.  I saw irises that have bloomed and critiqued front yards.

When I arrived home I was ready for banter with my mom and to make the bok choy beef stirfry we planned.  I’m grateful to have the energy back to ramp up to my normal fitness level.  Bedrest sure takes it outta ya.

2014-03-22 13.20.19

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