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Yes, at school I did some things the way I wanted since it is my birthday. The first group hadn’t read the LLI book anyway and I didn’t want to discuss it.  So I read aloud one of my fave dark picture books, Fox, and we discussed theme.  Then I let them write in their literacy notebooks on any friendship theme that had surfaced for them.  Not to be shared, just written and considered.  Not surprising how engaged they were.

Several of my groups did not meet due to teacher collaboration and an assembly.  That meant that I had prep time to do a dozen or so pieces for the Leveled Literacy lessons that are upcoming in the groups.  I will never ever be up to date on the LLI prep.  It is physically impossible.  But it was very nice, thank you, to have some time today to set up some word work and records.

I dismissed the late afternoon group early because it was only half the group and the pod was a din.  The band was rehearsing in the multipurpose room to add to the racket.

Since I was on call while the principal was out, the yard duty manager asked me to deal with an issue with a group of boys.  There were witnesses writing their accounts and the whole thing felt very messy.  I mean the boys’ enjoyment of writing up what they claimed they saw.  I don’t like that spirit of pleasure in getting someone in trouble.  And their stories didn’t agree, especially with their verbal accounts.  But I did sit down with the counselor and the leading actor in the lunchtime who-stole-the-Chitos drama and talked.  De-escalate.  Get some grounding.  The boy’s one of my LLI readers.

The immensity of kids’ problems and needs can overwhelm a person.  The lack of real social and emotional learning that is going on in classrooms is also disheartening.  I sometimes question whether my job makes any difference at all.  Reading?  So what?

And I especially question the leveled readers in the F & P system’s lack of depth.  The characters are flat.  I miss literature, written by real authors.  I miss real writing. But of course, literacy doesn’t reach everyone either.

I am glad that I can shed the teacher skin for awhile now and go be with my family.  Walk along the beach.  Quote T.S. Eliot.  Eat delicious seafood.  Tell stories.

Bon weekend, bloggers.

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