Writing with Kids

It’s late and I don’t think I’ll be able to do justice to this, but here goes.  My first day back after two days out sick was lonnngg and mostly uneventful.  The same personalities to be navigated in various groups. The new kindergarten group was thrilled to see me back.  We’d had one lesson and then I disappeared.  They gave me a rock star welcome.

After school my eight EL third graders came for writing class #4 of 8.  Sigh.  Now that was fun.  We did our timed free write and they all topped their number of words written from Monday.  And we leaned into listing memories about our pets that are similar to the first one we wrote down.

I had told them about Mickey sizing up two little dogs being walked by on a leash, and clearly deciding to take them on.  I showed them how I wrote that down moment by moment with the true details.

Pretty soon they were all listing similar stories for their pets:  rabbit, two fish, cat, dogs…rehearsing, quick writing.  Sharing.

And I did a little classic lesson on showing and telling.  Jeez, it was teaching writing.  Not Leveled Literacy.

We took home our cool verbs to make cat and dog clauses with, and the leash words (conjunctions) so they can play making complex sentences at home.  We only have 4 more sessions and there’s writing and revising, besides making the books.

The books are those origami fold out things with little square covers.  The pages fold out like stars.  They are super cool and their stories will be worthy of making their own book.

I got to teach writing today.  On the eve of my birthday.

On the way home I detoured counter commute and took summer writing camp flyers out to Saratoga Library, then sneaked the back way into Campbell, with the top down and a balmy evening and Baroque music on the radio.  I left flyers at Campbell Library, too.  And stopped for tortas at the drive through El Grullense.

I got home to my noble cat waiting for me on the porch.  And Mom with her martini in the chair, doing crossword puzzles, surprised we didn’t have to cook tonight.

Tomorrow, TGIF.  And it’s my birthday.  So I may just have students write. 🙂

And we

5 thoughts on “Writing with Kids”

  1. What a lovely return to work from being sick! I wouldn’t downplay teaching writing; you have a gift for bringing it out of students, and that’s not always easy to do. Being passionate about your subject does make it fun, though, doesn’t it? I realized that when I became a librarian two years ago–a lot of work, but oh, so much fun!

    1. I just mostly have to teach reading all day. I’ve looked forward to this part of our Family Literacy grant work. Teaching some writing after hours and hours of coordinating. 📓✏️

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