I Really Need to Stop Taking Photos of Kids Writing

IMG_0018Saturday Seminars at San Jose Area Writing Project today included the Young Writers – a morning workshop for students from grades 3-10.

What is it about seeing young people thinking, writing, imagining?  It must be the communicator genes in me, glad to see the craft going on to the next generation.  And, I don’t always see this kind of artistic, social space for students writing at school.  That’s also aesthetic.

IMG_2652The Sweeney Hall auditorium isn’t much of a classroom, but the space was used well for groups and activities this morning.  A mentor study was going on here on the stage.

IMG_0023Other students were bunched around some posters and were cartooning their stories.

IMG_0015Imaginative activities, like looking through the keyhole into Cinderella’s attic and picturing the theme of a beloved children’s book engaged young writers around the room.

IMG_0004 IMG_2670I also love seeing parents work with their children.

The tone of the room included “try it” and “let’s see what happens…” I think some of my photos caught the feel of the workshop.

IMG_0017It does this writing teacher good to see students come out to write on a Saturday.  I am grateful that the Writing Project work makes this available.  I hope to see some of these young writers in our summer programs.

6 thoughts on “I Really Need to Stop Taking Photos of Kids Writing”

  1. I love this. I have been thinking of starting a writer’s club at my school. I might need to talk to you about some ideas like this.

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